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Precision Machining

As a precision machine shop, our products range to a wide degree, depending on your needs and requirements.  Our diverse range of machinery allows us to provide truly customized machining solutions.



Moores Machine Shop has a deep hole drill in house that is capable of drilling a 1″ I.D. to a 6.190″I.D. in most types of materials up to 13′ one way and 23′ from both ends.



Moores Machine Shop has a precision hone capable of honing a 1″ I.D up to a 6″ I.D.  up to 20 foot long.  We can provide superior finishes and tight tolerances.



Moores Machine Shop has a hydraulic press straightener in house for straightening thinner and thicker bars according to customer specifications. Because Moores has a hydraulic press straightener in house, rapid turnaround is ensured.

Precision Machining, It’s What We Do


Since 1989, in a 5,000 square foot machine shop, our passion has been to achieve machining excellence. Today, with 65,000 square feet of facilities and 40 pieces of machining equipment, we look forward to filling all your machining needs. Give us a call at 337-837-6974.

Full Service Precision Machine Shop

At Moores Machine Shop, full-service means delivering a complete component, not just a machined part. We go from raw stock to the finished part with coatings, heat treating, anodizing, required certification and inspections, light assembly, packaging and labeling. We source the materials and all the secondary services. You write one purchase order and we take care of the rest including certification and traceability.