Moores Machine Shop continuously monitors and improves its processes to better satisfy customer requirements and strive to deliver “Zero Defect Parts” on time.

With the help of a fully staffed quality control department Moores Machine Shop continuously monitors and improves our processes at all facets of the manufacturing process to better satisfy our customer requirements. Moores Machine Shop practices quality control far beyond our shop floor. Quality is at the forefront every step of the way at Moores Machine Shop. From the very first time your product reaches our doors as a raw material, until it is loaded into the truck to be delivered to its destination as a finished product.

We maintain various controlled and calibrated measuring devices.  These devices range from micrometers, calipers, thread gauges, an optical comparator and several several surface testers.  These are just some of the controlled instruments and machines used to monitor quality at Moores Machine Shop.

A part of our Quality Control process includes:

Mandatory first piece inspection for every operation on every component produced.

Constant in-process inspection.

Final inspection using a standard lot process.